Chia / Salvia hispanica - 450gr seeds

Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a herbaceous plant easy to grow along with flax (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant species with the highest alpha-linolenic omega-3 fatty acid s odium known concentration until 2006.

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Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a herbaceous plant of the family Lamiaceae; along with flax (Linum usitatissimum), it is one of the plant species with the highest alpha-linolenic fatty acid s odium concentration omega-3 known until 2006. It is grown for it to take its seeds, which are used or not ground as a food ingredient. annual herbaceous plant; has up to 1 m having opposed from 4 to 8 cm long and 3 to 5 cm wide sheets. The flowers are hermaphrodite, between purple and white, and sprout in terminal clusters. The plant flowers from July yagosto in the northern hemisphere; After the summer, the flowers give rise to fruit shaped achene indehiscente whose seed is rich in mucilage, starch and oil; It is about 2 mm long by 1.5 wide and is oval and shiny, colored grayish-brown to reddish. It prefers light to medium, well-drained soil, not too humid; as most salvia, it is tolerant of acidity and drought, but not stand frost. It requires abundant sunshine, and does not bear fruit in the shade. Chia seed contains many properties such as protein, calcium, boron (mineral that helps to fix the calcium from the bones), potassium, iron, fatty acids such as omega-3, antioxidants and trace elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and vitamins like niacin among others.


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