Quercus coccifera / Coscoja 10 seeds

Quercus coccifera / Coscoja 10 seeds

Evergreen shrub, up to 3m. high, impenetrable, like holly. Leaves1-4cm long spines along the edge. The fruits are covered by the dome acorns until they mature to the second half year betweenthe old leaves.

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Scientific name: Quercus coccifera

Common or usual name: Kermes, kermes oak.
Evergreen shrub, up to 3m. high if not disturbed, impenetrable,like holly. Leaves 1-4cm long spines along the edge. The male flowers are catkins and the female are branched within an involucre solitary accrescent. The fruits are covered by the domeacorns until they mature to the second half year between the old leaves.

Cultivation: They germinate easily, so easily that if conditions are good when we already have root. Leave them lying on the groundwithout cover them completely with moist soil. If you want you can crack the shell a bit to germinate before.

  • Rapid growth.
  • Supports frost and heat.
  • Resists drought.
  • Indifferent soil but prefers siliceous limestone and hold.
  • You can live on stony ground.


 + info about Kermes.


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