Acer negundo L. (American Maple) 20 seeds

Acer negundo L. (American Maple) 20 seeds

Deciduous tree 10 to 20m. high and 6-8m. in diameter. Drinkmore or less rounded. Trunk more or less smooth, somethingcracked.

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Scientific name: Acer negundo L.

Family: Aceraceae.
Source: United States.

Deciduous tree 10 to 20m. high and 6-8m. diameter, dioic acid.Drink more or less rounded. Trunk more or less smooth, something cracked. Leaves with 3-7 leaflets, ovate-oblong withserrated edge of 7cm. in length. Male and female flowers ondifferent feet before the leaves appear. Flowers inconspicuous,small clusters of 10-30 in each cluster, the size of the flower is 1-2dm. Disamaras seeds are 3-5 cm in length.


Cultivation: The seeds have little inner lethargy, making itconvenient stratification before planting if you want goodgermination rates (70-90%). Although they can be sown directly in spring.


  • Prefers sunny spot.
  • Used for resistance to drought.
  • Fertilize in spring.
  • Prune in spring every two years to get strong Broes and large leaves.
  • Very light wood that rots easily, watch him large wounds.
  • Species quite resistant to soil and climate for its hardiness.
  • The intense summer heat of Levante area makes it begins to wither before the fall foliage on many occasions.


 + info about American Maple.


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