Gleditsia triacanthos/ Honey Locust 20 seeds

Gleditsia triacanthos/ Honey Locust 20 seeds

Cup Deciduous tree with sparse, with a height of 10-12 meters, both the trunk and branches will sprout thorns. Bipinnate leaves 10 to 15 pairs of pages. It blooms in spring.

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Scientific name: Gleditsia triacanthos L

Cup Deciduous tree with sparse, with a height of 10-12 meters,both the trunk and branches will sprout three-pointed spines(although there is a variety without spikes called "inermis").Bipinnate leaves 10 to 15 pairs of pages. It blooms in spring,green flowers are arranged in hanging clusters, but ornamental interest. The Gleditsia triacanthos is a legume.
Cultivation: The reproduction by seed treatments should be subjected to tender their covers before planting in spring. Place in a cloth bag seed a short time in water at 80grados. Then soakin water at room temperature. Or, put the seeds in hot water for 48 hours, then mix with equal parts moist sand and put in thefridge for 2-3 months before planting. The germination of the seeds of good quality will range from 75 - 97%. The seeds should be sown at 5 - 1.5 cm deep in a mixture of sand and peat, and if well scarified complete germination will occur at 21 days after sowing.

  • Resist any soil and pH.
  • Resists drought.
  • You do not need pruning.
  • Tolerates salinity and pollution.
  • It adapts well to a transplant.
  • Strong winds from the branches.
  • Plant in full sun, sunny position plant prefers hot summers.
  • The spikes can be dangerous.
  • It is a honey plant.

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