Datura stramoniun / Trumpet angels 130 seeds

Datura stramoniun / Trumpet angels 130 seeds

Annual plant of 0.7-1.5m. tall. Flowers white trumpet shaped. Blooms in summer.

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Trumpet angels is a poisonous plant cosmopolitan family of Solanaceae naturalized in temperate zones worldwide. The genus Datura contains several similar and polymorphic species, all of which are poisonous jimsonweed is the most widespread.It has white flowers, sometimes pulling a yellow or green, sometimes the center of the flower is purple, conical or trumpet, quite large relative to the ground. Blooms in summer and early autumn. The leaves are lobed and dark green. It has a taproot with numerous white rootlets. The stem and branches are round, smooth and green, green nuancing the lighter shades. The entire plant is hairless. It is easily recognizable by its flowers and its fruit: a spiny capsule 3-4 cm long, which at first bilocular, but when mature forms a false wall, except near the apex, with the ripe fruit consisting almost entirely of four cavities. The flowers open just before dusk.

Lifecycle: Annual.

Height: 0.7 to 1.5 m.

Multiplication: by seed in spring.

Flowering: late summer to early fall.

Light: sun.

Watering: not enough water in summer must.
Fertilize with organic products.


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