Thymus vulgaris / common thyme 100 seeds

Thymus vulgaris / common thyme 100 seeds

Enhance plant whose leaves rustic dishes and sauces significantly, roasted and grilled.
The leaves are preserved for a long time to dry jars.

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It is a small subshrub that can reach from 13 cm to 40 cm. height. It stems are erect, quadrangular, woody and much branched. The leaves are small, oval with rolled edges and hairy on the underside. The small flowers are pink.

It has a pungent aromatic odor.
Flowers in spring from March.


  •      Used as a condiment.

  •      As an antiseptic on sores and wounds. Thyme tincture is effective against acne.

  •      Infusion is used against bronchitis, laryngitis and antidiarrheal. It also has anti inflammatory properties.


Sowing: February to July.

Harvest: June to December.

Sow in pots in a sunny exposure and compact the soil.

Or direct ground in rows at a distance of 30cm.


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