Chamaerops humilis (European Fan Palm) 3 plant

3 plants Chamaerops humilis (Palmito, Margalló).

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Is a palm tree growing practically foolproof, easy, and grateful, and tolerant of a wide range of climates and conditions.

It has a bushy, usually not exceeding 2 m in height. In culture can develop a trunk several meters high. The leaves, fan-shaped, are persistent, rigid and straight, with long slender lateral spines loaded petioles and lamina divided into 16-20 segments pointed.The flowers are unisexual or hermaphrodite, are small, yellow and form panicles that arise between the leaf petioles, wrapped by a spathe clamshell. The fruits are fleshy, ovoid, reddish yellow, 2-3 cm, and are not edible.



Its production is easy by seed germination necessitating for 2 to 3 months with heat and humidity.Some manufacturers recommend the immersion of the fruits for 15 minutes in concentrated sulfuric acid, prior to seeding in order to remove the pulp and the process speed of germination.Tap water at room temperature for 10/15 days.Tillage (20-30 ° C) in the fall or spring.



Sunny or lightly shaded. 



Your tolerance to low temperatures is estimated close to -10 º C.During the winter in colder areas, this plant should be protected with plastic sheeting or sheets.Difficult acclimatization in tropical, temperate and prefers warm, where shows great ease of cultivation. 



He has no problem to withstand high winds and coastal.Resists perfectly proximity to the sea and salinity. 



It grows in all types of soil, from the very poor to the granite and clay, sandy, rocky and very shallow.It grows best where soils are rich and well drained limestone. 



Usually live in areas with long periods of drought and rainfall rarely exceeds 500 mm per year, but also where they often exceed 1,500 mm.


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